Make Money Online With eBooks Using Paypal

With thousands of ways to make money online, Paypal has been one of the top ways to transfer money from peer to peer for exchange of goods electronically on the internet. For over 10 years, e-commerce websites have been taking advantage of the way business is conducted when it comes to exchanging currency for goods and services. Millions of people rely on Paypal as funnel to retrieve and distribute funds every single day. Marketers, entrepreneurs, or webmasters have harnessed the internet on a massive scale and fueled a totally new economy that no longer exclusively exist offline but through cyber universe. The convenience of purchasing items without taking a step outside has also sparked a revolution for readers and publishers.

With electronic downloading and Paypal binding together you have the development of the E-Book market and sales are still on the rise in this field because people are hungry for detail information on how to do things, or that quick download on the next big novel that seems so fascinating. That brings me on today’s topic, “How to Make Money Online with ebooks Using Paypal”. Love what you write about while solving a problem that someone has been experiencing misfortune with which can be heart-touching through a novel, or helpful through a “how to” guide. Follow the steps below to get started immediately to began working on your newest ebook edition, but first, you must obtain the necessary tools before moving ahead, good luck.

Why not use KDP Amazon instead of going through these processes, they’d pay you for ever ebook sold, you don’t have to setup a pay method, and they’d publish your book on their platform where a “possible” audience may be present to purchase your ebook? Answer: Sure, KDP is great, I tried them out with my own book, however, I’ve experienced great growth through a hands-on approach, through Paypal, through publishing as an individual. I just love the process.

Step 1. Signup and Join Paypal

Millions are putting Paypal to use for exchanging funds or simply sending money from one account to the other. Online marketers have been using Paypal alone to earn a great living online and all it took was the development of a good product and service that the average individual need or generally use.  This tool is fundamental for the task we’ll be introducing you to today.

If you haven’t already, you can open up a Paypal account for free by visiting this link before proceeding with this manual. After signing up, we will touch up on some handy tools for you to use within Paypal, keep your username and password handy to login soon.

Step 2. Download Open Office Desktop Application for Free

The Apache Software, Open Office is open source for public use created, it’s free and one of the best applications for publishing/editing reading material that is free to download on your desktop computer or laptop. This is one tool has great formatting capabilities such as numerous fonts, paragraph format, color facilities enhancement tools, image upload with re-size options, and much more. Their are alternative text editing tools for publishing reading material on the market with a suite of tools, however, they cost money. Want to get things going immediately while on a budget, go with Open Office, it does the same thing. You need this tool before proceeding!

If you have not downloaded Open Office as of yet, then click here to go directly to the download page to began processing the app. Once you’ve arrived to the website, choose your operating system that you currently comply with then download full installation package.  

Step 3. Study Your Market

Important, to dismiss such step is like driving without paying attention to the signs ahead, study your market closely. One good way is to learn what is trending at the moment and how long it has been trending in the past. Why? You want to dive into a marketplace where it shows longevity, therefore, you will continue to thrive in that particular industry. When you write about a particular subject that has an consistent audience that is huge, chances are you can earn very well for a long time. The internet is probably the first place an individual would go to find information, namely search. Remember, go with what you would love to write about the most but make sure it has an existing market unless you have other plans in mind like branding.

To study your market’s trends, keyword monthly search habits,  and much more analytic stats of the behavior of your audience use by clicking here to start your studies.  

Step 4. Create a Blog

To actually make money online with your ebook using Paypal you must create a website around the subject to generate relevant interest, this not only makes sense but also efficient. Want to learn how to launch a blog for your product, go here. Afterwards, get indexed by Google to began ranking for those keywords that people are searching for in your niche, you must add content that matches the theme of your ebook minced with related keywords, images or video.

As you build readership, you’d eventually create a customer base that people trust. Create social media accounts as well and business pages with Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, and every other popular social media platform that allows you to distribute content effectively. First, you must associate yourself with people that has similar interest as you do that can have a positive impact on your business, build a following. Connect your blog with your social media accounts.

Step 5. Structure and Publish Content on Your Ebook

You have a multitude of traditions for publishing an ebook; The, “how to” method, write a novel, or a simple guide. Either one of those options are available and have been successfully done by several average people like myself. My advice to newbies is to create a good story behind your ebook, no matter what the genre contains within the novel or what type of book you are creating for the masses or particular group, make it very compelling. The title should grab the attention of the reader immediately, it should make the reader to at least open up the book to read further. As you advance throughout your book, save your work in case of an unfortunate event that may happen while working such as your laptop or desktop computer shutting down spontaneously.

Step 6. Save Your E-Book in a .PDF File

It can take up to 5,000 words before you have fully completed your ebook, but it will all payoff very soon if you have gathered an audience to cater to repetitively. Remember, you aren’t only supplying outstanding content, you are solving a problem. After finishing your book, it must be formatted in PDF so that readers can be accessible and readable to whomever purchase the item. Open Office has the option within the above tool-set to covert your ebook into a PDF file. Name your file whatever relates to the book’s title or simply name the file name after the title itself. After doing so, an app should appear on your laptop or desktop computer.

Step 7. Upload Your E-Book to Website in Zip File

What are zip files? Zip files package and ships your .text, .pdf, .img, etc files by compressing them so that they can be packaged and shipped to other computers, certain details such as the actual size of the file is displayed. It is then uploaded to an website for other people to download to their own desktop or laptop in order to have access to those inner files through a zip file. I’m using Windows, I’ll be giving directions using the system I’m currently utilizing for this tutorial. Follow the example below:

First, on your desktop or laptop computer you must hover over the PDF file you have just created, then click the right button on your mouse or laptop’s touch pad to channel a list of options. Now, within the list, I want you to hover over the description that says “7-zip”, press “add to”. Congratulations! You’ve created a zip file with your PDF inside.  

Step 8. Setup Your Paypal Account’s Details

Step 9. Market Your E-Book Through Your Website

Step 10. Rinse & Repeat